Q: When will you be playing in my hometown/city/State?

A: Hopefully soon! I always work hard in order to get some gigs in the places I know my music has a following. Unfortunately it's not always easy to do everything alone - if you are a promoter or a booking agent please get in touch.

Q: Do you sell music sheets?

A: YES! And this new version of the site should make it easier for everyone to get them! At the moment, music sheets for The Art of the Piano, Autumn Stories, Fragments Found, Viandanze and Viaggi in Aeromobile are available. I am working on the remaining ones and, once ready, they will be showed in the "Music sheets" section of this site.

Q: I bought one/more than one music sheets. When will I receive the link to download them? 

A;: I am usually very quick in sending the link to get the pdf. Only reason more than 10 minutes passed, is because you bought them during my night time and I am sleeping at that time. I'll send them to you as soon as I wake up, promised! 

Q: Can I have your music sheets for free?

A: No.

Q: Are music sheets from "Now" available?

A: Not yet, but I am working on them.

Q: Do you license your music?

A: Yes - please address to Stefano (info[at]eclecticmusic.it) all the requests. Thank you! 

Q: Can I remix/work on/put vocals on one of your song

A: If you are not making any money from it and you won't put it on streaming services (Spotify, RDIO, etc) or iTunes or similar, I have no problem with that. Only condition is that you must always credit me as the original author of the music you are remixing. If, otherwise, you wish to sell your remix, then contact me in order to arrange a reasonable license fee.